100 Things In Your Home That You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

100 things at home

Our homes are an integral part of who we are and if you are striving for change, the first thing to do is to sort out your home. 

But this is no easy task. To help you, here is a list of things you can without question throw away, give away or simply hand out to anyone who will take them!  

  1. Leftover wrapping paper
  2. Business cards from people you don’t need for anything
  3. Old tickets
  4. Socks with holes in them
  5. Receipts you don’t need
  6. Old t-shirts
  7. Dried flowers
  8. Old CDs you’re never going to listen to
  9. Overstretched hair ties and hair bands
  10. Old magazines
  11. Shoes that don’t fit or you don’t wear
  12. Small knickknacks and trinkets which have no purpose whatsoever
  13. Cooking utensils — old and new — which you don’t use
  14. Worn-out underwear
  15. Beauty accessories you don’t need
  16. Earrings where you’ve lost one out the pair
  17. Scarves which you never wear
  18. Items of clothing that are too small for you
  19. Gift’s you don’t like
  20. Old towels
  21. Old make-up
  22. Old clothes hangers
  23. Expired cooking sauces
  24. Toys for your pets which they don’t play with
  25. Out-of-date medicine
  26. Dried-up nail polish
  27. Expired coupons
  28. Old paperwork
  29. DVDs you don’t watch
  30. Pet food your pets don’t eat
  31. Old toiletries
  32. Damaged clothing that cannot be mended
  33. Stained clothing you cannot clean
  34. Your old prom dress
  35. Scratched non-stick cookware
  36. Old underwear or swimwear
  37. Outdated or broken electronics products
  38. Rusty costume jewellery.
  39. Stockings or tights with ladders
  40. Pens that don’t work
  41. Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps
  42. Cables and wires you don’t use
  43. Worn-out bed linen
  44. Empty bottles of cleaning products
  45. Spare rivets and buttons for clothing you don’t have any more
  46. Worn-out bath mats
  47. Purses you don’t use
  48. Tableware, plates and glasses left over from full sets you don’t have anymore
  49. Old pillows
  50. Worn-out shoes
  51. Old wedding invitations
  52. That old tea or coffee set.
  53. Spare furniture parts you don’t need
  54. Furniture manuals
  55. Boxes — you don’t them, really!
  56. Vases you never use
  57. Old letters with no sentimental value
  58. Tourist brochures
  59. Bobby pins you don’t like
  60. Old crayons or markers that have ran out of ink
  61. Containers missing their lids
  62. Unused stationary, stickers and sticky notes
  63. Ripped jeans
  64. Old or broken phone cases
  65. Old, unused phone or other electronic chargers
  66. Old spices
  67. Worn-out bath sponges
  68. Ribbons and bows for gift wrap
  69. Postcards or gifts from ex-partners or colleagues
  70. Frequent shopper cards from shops you never go to
  71. Empty matchboxes — they have no use whatseover!
  72. Old bags
  73. Old calenders
  74. Old files
  75. Silly magnets
  76. Outdated clothes
  77. Broken Christmas decorations
  78. Fairy lights that don’t work
  79. Frayed towels
  80. Expired food
  81. USB cables and other computer accessories you never use
  82. Old and outdated software
  83. Floppy disks
  84. Old cell phones
  85. Old shoes you haven’t worn in two years
  86. Promotional T-shirts you never wear
  87. Old cereals
  88. Old bank statements
  89. Old utilities bills
  90. (Also:) Delete email subscriptions from websites you don’t need
  91. Delete emails you don’t need
  92. Delete unwanted music from your mobile phone and computer
  93. Spare buttons that come with newly purchased clothes
  94. Games with missing pieces or cards
  95. Old textbooks you will never use again
  96. Delete reserve copies of the documents you no longer need
  97. Books you have read and don’t want to read again
  98. That old house telephone you never use
  99. Old manuals for electric appliances you no longer have
  100. Mobile phone accessories you don’t use anymore


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