Powerful Footage That Shows What Life Is Like For Abandoned Pets

Kill shelters are often the final destination for abused or abandoned pets. Unlike no-kill shelters, they don’t require pets to go through a screening process before being admitted, nor do they require owners to make an appointment beforehand. As a result, pets who end up in kill shelters are euthanized at comparatively higher rates than pets who enter no-kill shelters. This practice is intended to keep potentially dangerous pets from harming other animals in the general population, but there are a lot of organizations opposed to the idea. French YouTube personality Rémi Gaillard recently created a video entitled “Animal Planet” to show what life is like for animals living in these shelters.

In the video, a woman brings a stray to a kill shelter, then waits in the lobby with the dog sitting by her side, oblivious to the fact that she’s being recorded on a hidden camera. Within minutes of her arrival, she notices something odd — everyone who works there is dressed in a pet suit. As you would imagine, the sight of fully-grown adults walking around in cat and dog costumes makes her very confused and she immediately starts scanning the room for potential clues about what’s happening.

When it’s finally time for her to admit her dog into the shelter, she’s greeted with an even more bizarre scene, where the roles of pet and humans have been completely reversed. What she discovers next will hopefully change the way you look at kill shelters forever.


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