Little Girl And Her Mom Came In At Just The Right Time To Cheer Up Depressed Cashier

He was not having a good day with a full week left to payday and having very little money to last the week. But is astonished when this mother daughter duo entered his store and did this.

I work part-time as a cashier at a grocery store. I enjoy my job because I get to meet so many different people and learn about cooking and food, subjects I know very little about.

That said, you guys know what the pay is like. Happiness doesn’t pay the rent.

Yesterday, I checked my bank account and saw that I have to make $148 stretch another week til payday. I turn 29 next week, and this is my life.

My customers ask me if I’m in school, which is a fair question, but I got both a college degree and a trade school certification 7 years ago. I’m embarrassed that my peers are climbing the ladder at their companies and I’m sacking groceries wearing an oversized polo shirt.

Yesterday was a tough day, and I felt really depressed when I clocked in.

But a French woman and her wonderful daughter turned it all around.

A mom and her 8-year-old daughter approached my counter with an overflowing cart, and the mom pulled out a collection of huge re-usable bags.

Mom stationed herself next to me behind the counter ready to bag her groceries and the little girl said “I want to scan!” and reached into the cart and started scanning bar codes like a pro.

My first thought was “Oh no! She’s going to mess something up!” but my coworker and I both helped her by handing her items with bar codes and passed them to her mother who filled up her bags and we had a little assembly line going. It was fun!

When we got to the fruits and vegetables that must be weighed, I took over because I thought she couldn’t do it, but then I remembered that she was born into a world with iPhones and this wouldn’t be hard for her.

So I invited her back around and showed her how to find the PLU numbers and type them in, and she just had the time of her life standing on her tip toes ringing up produce.

Finally, she rang up the last item, and I showed her how to tear the receipt which she proudly handed to her mom across the counter.

An older man was next in line, and I was afraid he would complain about the extra wait time. Instead, he said:

“That was fun! You know what that mom was teaching her daughter? She was teaching her that ALL work is honorable, no matter what it is.”

Sometimes I need to be reminded too.

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