Mother Is Heartbroken When No One In School Talks To Her Daughter After Losing Her Leg

The nurse smiled. “Don’t worry. We have a plan.”

Shortly after Brenda’s mother left, two nurses wheeled in a stretcher.

“Moving day, Brenda!” one said cheerily. “We need this bed for someone who’s really sick. We’ve picked out the best roommate in the hospital for you.”

Before Brenda could protest, the nurses had rolled her onto the stretcher and whisked her down the hall. The room was awash with light, posters and music.

“Here’s your new roomie, Annie Wiggle-Do,” one nurse told a dark-haired teenager in the other bed. “She’s just beginning to get better, so please don’t kill her with your corny jokes.”

Fourteen-year-old Annie grinned. As soon as the nurses left, she hopped out of her bed and sat on the end of Brenda’s.

“I lost my leg from bone cancer,” she announced. “What happened to yours?”

Brenda was so astounded she couldn’t even form a word.

“You’re lucky,”Annie continued.”You’ve still got your knee.They had to take mine, hip and all, see?”

But Brenda’s eyes had already found the raw scar and empty hip socket. Her gaze seemed frozen, like a magnet held it there.

Annie scooted back to her bed. “I’d like to socialize, but my boyfriend due any time now, so I have to get ready.”