Mother Is Heartbroken When No One In School Talks To Her Daughter After Losing Her Leg

As Brenda watched transfixed, Annie reached up and took off her hair! Her head was completely bald.

Annie giggled.”Oh, forgot to warn you, the stuff they gave me to kill the cancer also killed my hair. But check this out! My parents, my grandma, my boyfriend and some kids from school all brought me wigs!”

From her bedside stand, Annie removed a tangle of wigs. Brown wigs and blond wigs, short-haired and longhaired wigs, curly wigs and straight wigs.

“That’s when I thought up ‘Annie Wiggle-Do,’ Annie said. “Get it? ‘Any wig will do.’ Annie wiggle-Do?”

Laughing at her own joke, Annie chose a curly blond wig and arranged it on her head. She just managed to dab on some pink lip-gloss and powder before a group of boisterous teens burst into the room. Annie introduced Brenda to them all. Her boyfriend, Donald, winked at Brenda and asked her to keep Annie out of trouble.

Before long, Brenda began chatting with Annie and her friends. They didn’t make her feel like a freak at all! One girl even shared with Brenda that her cousin wore an artificial leg, played basketball and rode a motorcycle. By the time the nurses shooed the visitors from the room, Brenda felt more like the old Brenda.

The girls talked into the night. Annie shared her dream of becoming a comedy writer. Brenda told Annie about her secret desire to act in live theater.


A night nurse came in and shined her flashlight on Annie and Brenda. “It’s after midnight,”the nurse scolded. “What do you have to say for yourselves?”

“Nothing, your honor,” Annie said. “We don’t have a leg to stand on!”

They all laughed, but Brenda laughed hardest of all.

As the nurse’s footsteps faded down the hallway, Brenda snuggled under her blanket. “‘Night, Annie Wiggle-Do,” she whispered,”I can hardly wait ’til morning.”


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