10 Amazing Free Apps For Working Out At Home

’I can’t afford to join a gym’; ’I don’t have time for it’; ’gyms intimidate me’; ’it’s too cold outside’ — these are all common excuses when it comes to avoiding doing a workout. While signing up to expensive gym membership can really help you to find the motivation, it’s not the only way to keep yourself fit. In fact, you can get in great shape for free without ever leaving your home.

Today, we offer you the chance to take a look at some of the best workout apps available for mobile devices. These clever apps will do everything for you — except the exercise itself, of course…

A personal trainer for daily circuit workouts

apps for working out 1

Sworkit Lite is a handy sport manager with lots of exercises for everyone who wants to stay in good shape. You choose the type of workout you’d like to try (yoga, stretching, pilates, etc.), set the time, and simply follow the video trainer that shows you what to do. The app saves your results and reminds you to exercise every day.
Available on: iOS, Android

Getting fit

apps for working out 2

The Nike Training Club app is designed specifically for women. To start your workout and to get access to hundreds of exercises available on the app, you will need to choose your goal first — getting lean, toned, strong, or focused. Each workout option contains several exercises, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, photos and videos.
Available on: iOS, Android

A seven-minute workout

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This app is designed for busy people who can’t spend a lot of time exercising. These 7-minute workouts will help you get fit and healthy. The app features voice guidance and visual instructions for every stage of each workout.
Available on: iOS, Android

Creating a personalized workout plan

apps for working out 4

The 30DAYS app offers you various 30-day training programmes to follow. For example, if you’ve decided you want to do plank exercises (or any other move) every morning, this app is just for you. Based on your initial results, it creates month-long personalized workout plan, gradually increasing your training loads.
Available on: iOS, Android

A perfect body

apps for working out 5


Are you trying to live a healthier life? Then install this app on your smartphone. Building a Perfect Body Plan is an organized and comprehensive interactive encyclopedia where you can find lots of interesting and useful information on how to keep fit. The app features personalised exercise routines for both men and women. And one more pleasant bonus: this handy sport manager can work offline.
Available on: iOS


apps for working out 6

The Yoga Studio app is sure to have you mastering yoga and improving your health in no time at all. It offers you lots of free, ready-made yoga & meditation video classes in HD, giving you the possibility of creating or customizing your own unique exercises. Whether you’re a yoga pro or just interested in trying it out, you’ll benefit from the professional classes available on this app.
Available on: iOS

Daily workout

apps for working out 7

Meant to be quick, effective and empowering, the video workouts provided by this app are great for both men and women. All you need to do is play the video and start exercising. By the way, all the training programs are developed by a certified personal trainer.
Available on: iOS, Android

Making exercise fun

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The Teemo app is designed to make getting in shape more fun, enjoyable and efficient. Bear in mind however: the only way to register for this program is via Facebook. So, to start exercising with Teemo, you will need to have a Facebook account. After that, you’ll get access to all the tasks available in the app’s library. For example, you can pick a challenge like ’’Climb Everest’’, which involves going up the stairs. Teemo also rewards you for your progress .
Available on: iOS

Doing push-ups correctly

apps for working out 9

The Push-ups app helps you to do push-ups correctly. All you need to do is choose the mode and the quantity of push-ups you want to do and put your phone under your chest. If you lower your body correctly, you’ll hear the sound.
Available on: Android

A training diary

apps for working out 10

Keeping a workout log can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. The Training Diary app features a list of all the necessary exercises and a training plan that can be structured in several different ways.

Available on: Android


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