This Baby Toucan Acts Like A Puppy. What She Does Next Is Really Hilarious…

There’s a lot of people who simply cannot own cats or dogs as pets, for one reason or another. One excellent alternative is a bird. They’re low maintenance, smart, affectionate and very entertaining pets! Meet Ripley the one-year-old toucan who not only is beautiful to look at, but has quite the personality!

He  acts more like your typical puppy as you’ll see in these pics and in the video. He’s totally affectionate, loves attention and even plays with a tennis ball!

He’s a toucan, but he thinks he’s a dog!

baby toucan 1

When it’s time to cuddle up and watch a movie, Ripley’s there.

baby toucan 2

Just like a member of the family, she goes on trips and adventures to meet some of her favorite people… and aliens.


Like your average pup, Ripley can get a little frisky!

baby toucan 4


baby toucan 5

She likes to bring her family special presents, too.

baby toucan 6

She can be a little clingy, but with those cute eyes how can you resist her?

baby toucan 7

After a little rest, she’s ready for anything, even a game of catch!

baby toucan 8

And when it’s time for bed, she’s happy to curl up anywhere so long as you’re close by.

baby toucan 9

Look how she cuddles just like a lap dog!

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