Family Adopts Baby With No Arms

Gabe Adams was born with Hanhart syndrome, a condition that affects the development of arms and legs, as defined by the National Institute of Health. Adams’ condition was so severe that his arms and legs were nonexistent at birth, prompting his biological mother to abandon him in Brazil out of fear that she couldn’t take care of him.

News of Adams’ story traveled around the world, and one fateful day reached the ears of a woman running errands in Kaysville, Utah. Janelle Adams heard about Gabe when she was shopping at the grocery store. She said to herself that she would adopt him if she could. That wish came true when the Adams’ went to Brazil to pick up Gabe. The Adams clan was already large with 13 kids, but Gabe was the perfect addition to the family. They push Gabe to be all that he can be, and they are extremely proud of his accomplishments.

baby with no arms legs 1

Gabe Adams loves to dance. The now 17-year-old high school student who still lives in Kaysville, Utah, discovered his passion for the art in middle school. Recently, Gabe was able to perform before the student body at his high school. Though he is very athletic and fluid with his dance movements, when you watch Gabe perform it’s hard not to notice that he looks different from the other dancers because he doesn’t have arms or legs.

Dancing is harder for Gabe than it is for the other dancers on his squad, but the extra effort is worth it to him. “I love how I’m able to express myself in so many ways through movement,” Gabe said. “I feel completely different when I’m dancing. I’m so grateful for all the happiness it has brought into my life.”

baby with no arms legs 2

“When we adopted Gabe, we seriously had no clue that he would ever be able to walk, let alone dance,” his mom Janelle said to Today. “I’m so proud of him and his bravery and willingness to try new things.”

baby with no arms legs 3

As his love for dance demonstrates, Gabe doesn’t let a lack of arms or legs stop him from living life to the fullest. But this tenacity didn’t come out of the ether. He has always been a hard worker as the news segment below illustrates. In the video, Gabe shows that he can dress himself, do sit ups, feed himself and more.

Watch news coverage of Adams’ story below for more on his amazing story. 


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