When His Boss Kept Writing Him Bad Payroll Checks, He Taught Him A Lesson

Was working as a crew Forman for a construction company. Pay was great until the checks started bouncing due to no funds in the account…

After a couple of weeks of the boss “fixing” it by paying us cash, I decided I had enough and stopped showing up for work. The owner had called me and asked if I was coming back, keep in mind he still owed me my last paycheck. I told him if he gave me my check and it cashed, I would come back to work. He says ok, and I go pick up my check and head right to the bank. Teller says no funds in the account, and she can’t cash it.

I did the only rational thing someone in my position would do… I drove to Florida (I live in new york) and found a ghetto check cashing place and cashed that check.

The owner then had to deal with writing a bad check and had to travel to Florida to court and such.

The boss was writing bad payroll checks, so I cost him substantially more and got my money.

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