Air Show Pilot Gives The Crowd A Lot More Than They Bargained For

Spectators at the 2015 Pensacola Beach Air Show in Pensacola Beach, Florida were given a rare treat this weekend. The air show, which featured several incredible planes doing all kinds of aerial acrobatics, with the one-and-only Blue Angels as the stars of the show. During a flyby portion of their demonstration, Blue Angel #5 decided to give the crowd a slightly closer look at the power of a jet engine and the wind forces generated by such an aircraft by swooping low overhead, causing several umbrellas and tents to go flying. Thankfully, the crowd appeared to be in a jovial mood and didn’t mind getting a little shaken up.

The Blue Angels are the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, comprised of aviators from the Navy and the Marines. Formed in 1946, they are the second oldest formal flying aerobatics teams (the French Patrouille de France being first in 1931). The Angels fly F/A-18 Hornets in over 70 shows at 34 locations all around the country, and are seen by an average of 11 million people every year. Their trademark formation, visible on their logo, is the tight diamond formation, where pilots fly in a tight formation with just 18 inches of separation between one plane’s wingtip and another’s canopy.


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