Incredible Rescue And Transformation Of Neglected Pup Found In Parking Lot

When this neglected puppy was found in Tijuana, he was a big pile of skin and bones and needed immediate help. Thankfully, Walter saw the dog and tried to get the word out via Facebook.   DogTag: You’re It!, an independent rescue, got word of this puppy and rushed to the scene.

They found this dog in a parking lot, dragging himself around and barely able to stand.
beaumont rescue 1

He was emaciated and infested with fleas and ticks.
beaumont rescue 2

They discovered that he had no joints in his back legs and arthritis in his front leg. And if that wasn’t enough, a bilateral hip deformity and multiple vertebral deformities.
beaumont rescue 3

DogTag rushed him to an animal hospital where they started treatment immediately.
beaumont rescue 4

They named him Beaumont, French for “beautiful mountain” because he is “as invincible as any mountain.”
beaumont rescue 5

Beaumont’s strong spirit is always shining through!
beaumont rescue 6

Nothing could possibly keep Beaumont down.
beaumont rescue 7

And this recovery and transformation is proof of that.
beaumont rescue 8

The medical and rescue teams did amazing jobs.
beaumont rescue 9

But Beaumont’s journey continues. He is recovering at the Gateway Animal Hospital where they are planning future surgeries and possibly a wheelchair.
beaumont rescue 10

Best of luck to Beaumont in the future. We know it’ll work out for him!


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