Small Cabin Wins The “Best Retirement Home” Award. Take A Peek Inside

An architect was able to build his dream home, just in time for retirement. 

The architect Jon Nystrom and his wife Nancy built the house in Boerne, a small town in Texas. It’s a 1,970-square-foot, timber-framed abode.
Nystrom said that he had been waiting to build his dream home since becoming an architect in the 1980s. He designed the home so that it would be as low maintenance as possible as he and his wife got older. 
To that end, the home has what a retiree would need — a master bedroom, kitchen, second bedroom and two bathrooms. 
It also has extras that any retiree could grow accustomed to: a pool, spa, a stone patio with a fire pit, 22-foot-high ceilings, and an apartment for a live-in health care worker.
Other noteworthy features of the house include pigmented plastered walls that won’t need painting, concrete floors, and low-maintenance plants and flowers instead of grass.
Nancy said that she enjoys the rustic quality of her home’s timber frame, which extends from the kitchen to the living and dining room.
“Even some of the sap has seeped out,” she said. “It’s kind of living and breathing.”
The home received the distinction of Best Retirement Home at the FineHomebuilding Houses Awards in 2013. 


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