7-Year-Old Boy Describing His Crush Is So Sweet

Tan Hong Ming likes a girl. Her name is Ummi Khazriena, and his face lights up whenever he talks about her.

An endearing little boy describes his crush to the camera, only to receive a wonderful surprise. While this video is sweet in and of itself, the context in which it was produced makes it all the more meaningful. This commercial was produced seven years ago for Malaysia, a program advocating unity and acceptance within the diverse population of Malaysia for National Day. The controversial aspect of Tan Hong Ming’s affection lies in the fact that he is Chinese and she is Malay, and interracial relationships were and still are a problematic topic. This commercial sparked an important discourse in Malaysia and around the world, and is still one of my favorite videos.

Be sure to watch below to see the genuine joy that can only come with first love. To make things even better, the two are still in contact and remain friends. Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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