Brian Justin Crum Absolutely Rocks His “America’s Got Talent” Audition

Brian Justin Crum’s America’s Got Talent audition was amazing.  He sang the classic song, “Somebody To Love.” His smooth voice and powerful stage presence even earns him a standing ovation!


Jason was born in San Diego, California and spends his days practicing his craft and soaking up the warm West Coast sun! He actually attended a performing arts school and has held roles in massive Broadway musicals like Grease, Altar Boyz, and Wicked, to name a few! Now Justin wants to start a solo singing career, and he plans on accomplishing that by taking home the America’s Got Talent championship.


Even though he has a long road ahead of him to win it all, Justin is one determined young man! If the audience’s and judges’ reactions are any indication of the future, it’s clear that he’s going to go far in the music industry- regardless of what happens this season!


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