This 9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelters And Grows Food. The Reason Why Is Beyond Touching…

When Hailey was 5, she and her mother, Miranda, crossed paths with a homeless man.  They lived in Bremerton, Washington, and like many young children, Hailey had questions about the homeless man.  Hailey Fort is now 9 years old and making a difference.

She insisted that her mom buy Edward, the homeless man, a sandwich.  After they left  Edward that day, Miranda realized, that it was only the beginning. And so Hailey’s passion began.

builds shelter grows food 1

Since then, Fort’s empathy, compassion and will to help have only increased.   All of her time is now spent building mobile shelters for the homeless, growing food to feed the homeless, fundraising for her projects and even getting donations from businesses, so she can provide toiletries to those she helps.

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Hailey said she did this  “so then you don’t get rained on and you feel safe and stay dry.  It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” Fort continued, “I think everyone should have a place to live.”

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Company donations help her in her work, as each shelter costs around $300 to build. She does get support and guidance from her parents, but Fort completes most of the construction herself.

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Sshe is fundraising to provide an 8’x 4′-foot structure with a door, roof and small window. The insulation she uses is actually recycled denim, and the pallet also has wheels so the homes can be easily moved.

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builds shelter grows food 9

This year alone, Fort’s goal is to grow 250 pounds of food to feed to the homeless, build 12 shelters and deliver thousands of toiletry items to those who need support.

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She has established her own GoFundMe campaign and has created an Amazon “wedding registry” for necessary items.

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