Outdoorsman Provides Excellent Tutorial On How To Cook Breakfast Using A Paper Bag

IntenseAngler, an outdoor do-it-yourself YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers demonstrates a neat trick for cooking your breakfast using only a paper bag and campfire! In fact, this “cooking without utensils” technique has been a “long-time scouting tradition,” according to the Boy Scouts of America.

First, he takes strips of uncooked bacon and uses them to wipe and coat the bottom and sides of the paper bag. Next, he cracks the eggs inside the paper bag on top of the bacon. Finally, he folds the top of the paper bag to close it and get it ready for the fire. You’ll have a bacon and eggs breakfast in no time. Why does this process work?

Watch the full technique in action below. Now you can be an expert camper with Scout skills, too.


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