Most People Don’t Even Realize These 19 Symptoms Could Be Indicative Of Cancer

The National Cancer Institute’s 2013 report, stated that approximately 39% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. It is important to be aware of changes in your body that may be early indicators.

Here are 19 warning signs of Cancer that you should never ignore:

1. If you have back pain and lower back pain: Patients diagnosed with liver cancer report having back pain. Often, back pain may indicate breast cancer since the tumor presses the chest and the ribs.

2. Color change in nails: If your nails are too pale and whitish nails that can be a sign of liver cancer while brown or blackish dots on the nails may indicate skin cancer. Nail curving may be a sign of lung cancer.

3. Swollen face: Lung cancer patients sometimes have swollen or red faces due to the fact that lung tumors block the chest blood vessels and restrict the blood flow to the face.

4. Sore/skin lumps: Check skin lumps or bleeds since this may indicate skin cancer or basal cell melanoma.

5. Red/ swollen/sore breasts: Is a clear sign of breast cancer.

6. Nipple changes: Inverted, flat, or sideways changes in the nipple is one of the most common signs of breast cancer.

7. Painful and strange periods often indicates uterus cancer so make sure you do a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

8. Short breath/wheezing: Is a potential sign of lung cancer.

9. Chronic cough/chest pain: A persistent cough could be a sign of various cancer types, such as tumors and leukemia. Lung cancer causes pain in the chest which spreads to the shoulder and the arm.

10. Fevers and infections: If you suffer from frequent fevers and infections, this may indicate leukemia as the infectious blood cells remove all shields of energy from the body.

11. Swelling in lymph nodes, neck, armpits, and groin often indicate cancer.

12. Difficulty swallowing is a sign of throat/esophageal or lung cancer.

13. Bruises and bleeding that does not stop can be a sign of leukemia since this disease is manifested by more leukemia cells than red blood cells, which in turn inhibits the transportation of oxygen and leads to clotting.

14. Fatigue/weakness is generally harmless but if it occurs suddenly and without an apparent reason it may be a sign of cancer.

15. Abdominal fat and bloating: Weight gain in the abdominal area and bloating is often a sign of ovary cancer.

16. Low appetite is a common sign of ovary cancer and many patients reported having less appetite than normal.

17. Pelvic pain, cramps around the pelvis, and bloating may indicate ovary cancer or leukemia, due to the enlargement of the spleen.

18. Upset stomach/abdominal pain: These cramps may be a sign of colorectal cancer.

19. Bloody stool/rectal bleeding is another sign of colorectal cancer and blood on toilet paper is more than a strong reason to get checked up.

Unfortunately, cancer isn’t 100% preventable, but it is possible to catch it in its early stages by paying close attention to warning signs presented by your body.

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