It Seems Crazy, But Scrubbing Your Car Window Using Steel Wool Provides Incredible Results…

There’s nothing more daunting than buying a new, or a new-to-you, car. First, there’s the research, Kelley’s Blue Book, and CARFAX Vehicle History Report, especially if you are looking at a used auto. After amassing tons of incomprehensible data, then you brace yourself to face down the car salesman and negotiate. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a fresh-off-the-lot car or getting one from the guy down the street, there’s a little bit of magical thinking, praying, and hoping that somehow you’ve avoided getting a lemon.

There’s never any way to really know that, but maintaining your trusty stead will preserve some of its value. One of the most important, easy to do DIY projects is to keep your windows factory fresh. Our friends over at RVgeeks revealed one of the best ways to do so, that won’t break bank.


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