Bengal Cat Greets 50 Dogs At A Dog Show And It Is Beyond Adorable

Boomer, the Bengal cat, gets attention everywhere he goes. His owner Robert Dollwet, who has over 30 years of experience as an animal trainer, has owned many pets over the years, but he says that Boomer is the most amazing cat he’s ever had to train. Bengals typically don’t like being held nor do they follow instructions quickly, but Boomer has been trained to get along with just about anyone or any pet he comes across.

Dollwet took Boomer to the Australian dog show and recorded the entire thing on his go pro camera. In the video, you can see Boomer greeting every dog he comes across as if he knew them personally. He welcomes over 50 different dogs, including poodles, pugs, beagles, and boxers. Halfway through the video, he even greets a dachshund, and the look on the dog’s face afterward is just priceless.

Bengal cats like Boomer are gorgeous and charismatic, Dollwet advises people to exercise some caution when deciding to adopt one. They are very high maintenance, extremely mischievous and don’t make good lap cats. Dollwet says, “I’m not saying don’t get one, just know the commitment that will be needed when bringing this breed into your home, or just live vicariously through me and my posts of Boomer.”

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