These Cats Have Been Loyal To Their Toys Since They Were Kittens And They Are So Adorable

The way these pets hold onto their lifelong toy friends is the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

“My dog with her favorite toy, then & now.”

cats and toys 2

“Seven years later, he still loved his duck.”

cats and toys 3

“He may have grown up but he still loves his money bear.”

cats and toys 5

“Then and now, the same toy.”

cats and toys 6

“18 months later and he still sleeps with his duck.”

cats and toys 7

“Benny and his fave toy.. 9 months later.”

cats and toys 8

“Stevie the kitty, the day we got her, and¬†today. She¬†still loves her string.”

cats and toys 9

“9-years-old and still loves her ‘baby.”

cats and toys 10

“Still sleeps with a friend.”

cats and toys 11

“Today is my puppy’s first birthday. Here he is at 3 months and 1 year with his favorite squeaky toy.”

cats and toys 12

“4 years later, and it’s still his favorite.”

cats and toys 13

“Still one of her favorite toys.”

cats and toys 14

“I bought him this squirrel when he was 8. Ten years later and it’s still his favorite toy.”

cats and toys 15

“When we first got her October 8, last year, she immediately curled up against my stuffed polar bear. Almost a year later on her first birthday, she still cuddles with it.”

cats and toys 16

“My 14-year-old kitten, and her favorite toy.”

cats and toys 17

“It’s old and ragged and has seen better days but it’s her favorite toy.”

cats and toys 18

“Our pitbull/boxer has destroyed every stuffed animal so far.. except for this monkey. She loves this monkey. She’ll nip at it ,but it’s still intact. It’s been well over a year and she still cuddles with it.”

cats and toys 19

“Nova’s favorite sleeping toy is still his older brother Cosmo.”

cats and toys 20

“A year ago today I met my best friend, and he got his first toy.”

cats and toys 21

“My cat just found his toy when he was 5 months old. The original owner said it was his favorite. It really must be.”

cats and toys 22

“My dogs favorite toy is an old action man he found in our garage. He loves him so much, he ate his head and arms…”

cats and toys 23

“Six months later, she still loves it.”

cats and toys 24

“All that’s left is its leg, but my dog, Cooper, still loves his favorite toy.”

cats and toys 25

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