Cats Aren’t Known For Being Caring, But These 11 Common Behaviors Express Their Undying Love

Cats definitely have a reputation as being the more aloof species in the world of pets. They aren’t easily excitable and affectionate like dogs.  However, cats clearly love their humans quite a bit, but they’ve got their own way of showing it. If  your feline displays any of these behaviors, he’s just showering you with love.

1. Kneading your lap is more than just a little massage.

cats behaviour 1

Pet experts will tell you that when your kitty curls up in your lap and kneads your legs, he’s just trying to return the affection you’re showing him. Make sure to wrap up in a blanket though, because the happier he is, the more enthusiastic his kneading will become … and the further those sharp nails will dig in.

2. A present, no matter how gross, is still a present.

cats behaviour 2

Cats love to shower their owners with gifts, unfortunately, a cat’s idea of a thoughtful present and a human’s might be a little different.

3. Head-butting is just a way to get up close and personal.

cats behaviour 3

This oddly affectionate behavior can actually be attributed to unique feline anatomy. Cats have glands concentrated in their cheeks and heads. When they rub their forehead against you, your kitty is just marking you as his own.

4. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes isn’t just for humans.

cats behaviour 4

That prolonged stare is actually the kitty equivalent of a kiss. If your cat stares at you, blinks, opens his eyes wide, and then slowly blinks again, he’s just trying to communicate his love and trust.

5. Showing off the belly isn’t just a stretching maneuver.

cats behaviour 5

For a cat to show off her stomach in your presence, she’s indicating that she trusts you enough to let down her defenses.

6. It’s all in the tail.

cats behaviour 6

Tails aren’t just decorative; they can actually tell you quite a bit about how your cat is feeling. If your kitty fluffs up the base of his tail and curls it at the top, consider him chuffed.

7. That nip isn’t actually aggressive at all.

cats behaviour 7

A slight nip on the fingers or leg from your cat is actually a sign of love. Feline skin is a bit tougher than that of humans, so these playful nips don’t hurt other cats, and your cat doesn’t always realize it might be different for humans.

8. Dancing around your legs isn’t just your cat’s favorite way to trip you up.

cats behaviour 8

Similar to head-butting, cats rub around their favorite human’s legs as a way to get their scent onto you. It’s an important bonding ritual for your cat.

9. A purr means your cat is just as happy as she sounds.

cats behaviour 9

While purrs can differ in tone, it’s a sure sign of communication. When your cat purrs in front of you, she’s definitely expressing her fondness.

10. If he’s stuck to your side, it’s definitely love.

cats behaviour 10

Cats are renowned for their sense of independence, but some..will become your shadow. If that’s the case, it’s a clear indication that he greatly enjoys your company. And if he’s still following you around when it’s not even close to meal time? Yep, that’s true love.

11. The endless scratching might be tiresome, but this explanation might make you happy.

cats behaviour 11

Just like spraying, cats simply love scratching. It’s not just the physical act that’s satisfying, but also the scented and visual marks of ownership it leaves behind. When your cat shows a preference for scratching in places associated with their human, it’s a sign of the love between them.


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