12 Valuable Toys From Your Childhood That Are Now Worth So Much More

Who would’ve thought that some of our childhood toys would be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars today? As children, we would have laughed at the idea and continued to manhandle our toys and draw all over our books. But, there are some kids who took painful measures to preserve their most cherished possessions. They probably kept their toys in their boxes, some probably unopened. Well, those kids were on the right track to making a ton of money off of their toys, whether they knew it or not.

It’s definitely a blast from the past when you stumble upon an old toy. But, most of us probably don’t even know what happened to the toys from our childhood. They were all probably either lost, thrown out, or donated. The ones that are still around are probably in no condition to be sold.

Either way, there is some great news for the people who kept the tags on their Beanie Babies, put their Pokémon cards in a binder, or kept their figurines in their boxes. They can now celebrate! Some of those toys are worth quite a fortune now. For the rest of us, we can all ponder on what could have been, if we had just listened to our parents and taken care of our things.

Check out some of the most valuable collectible toys from your childhood:

1. Furbies

childhood toys 1

Who remembers the Furby craze? Well, if you have one of the original ones, unopened in its box, it is worth around $900.

2. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone – First Edition

childhood toys 2

For Harry Potter fans out there, the first edition of the first book in the series is now worth up to $6,500. For a signed copy you can probably sell it for $15,000.

3. American Girl Doll

childhood toys 3

New American Girl dolls go for about $120. The out of print models can range up to $5,000 – if you still have their original clothes and accessories, of course.

4. Pez Dispensers

childhood toys 4

Even without the candy they are worth something! The prices vary, but this one takes the cake. In 2006, the dispenser Astronaut B, made specifically for the 1982 World’s Fair, sold for $32,000 on eBay. Some other ones that are worth serious cash are Mickey Mouse Soft Head dispenser, the 1955 Santa Claus Head, and the PEZ gun.

5. TY Beanie Babies

childhood toys 5

Hope you didn’t take the tag off! Prices vary on these guys. There are only 2,000 royal blue elephants in the wild. The darker blue coloring is due to a manufacturing error. It’s the most valuable Beanie Baby, going for $5,000. There are other valuable ones, such as Humphrey the Camel at $2,000.

6. Cabbage Patch Kids

childhood toys 6

Prices vary, but, if you have $360,000 to spare, you can buy the world’s largest collection from Pat and Joe Prosey. They keep their collection of 5,000 kids and 3,000 pieces of memorabilia in a museum.

7. Star Wars Figurines

childhood toys 7

Star Wars is one the most lucrative franchises in history. There are only 20 – still in the box – Luke Skywalker figurines (pictured above) in the world. When Nigo, the Japanese founder of A Bathing Ape, sold his Star Wars collectibles in 2015, he did it through Sotheby’s auction. He made over half-a-million dollars. He had two Bobba Fett figurines. The Canadian one sold for $6,250 and Hungarian went for a whopping $15,000!

8. Classic Barbie

childhood toys 8

First edition Barbies can go up to $23,000! The classic edition from 1959 with the hour-glass shaped body and zebra-print bathing suit can be worth up to $8,000 to $23,000.

9. Monopoly

childhood toys 9

The original hand drawn, oil cloth version of the game made in 1933 that was owned by the creator of Monopoly, Charles Darrow, sold for $146,500. Other vintage, limited editions can sell for hundreds on eBay while some have sold for as much as $3,125.

10. Where The Wild Things Are

childhood toys 10

In 2012, a signed 1964 first edition of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book was sold for $25,000 on Abebooks.com.

11. Lite-Brite

childhood toys 11

They’re worth anywhere between $130 to $350, depending on the condition it is in.

12. Pokémon Cards

childhood toys 12

Pokémon has been around since 1996, but it’s still a big hit with kids these days. The original cards are more expensive, like this mint condition Pikachu card, on sale for $100,000.


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