He Spreads Wood Glue Into His Favorite Record And The Result Is Beyond Incredible

As modern technology brought the convenience of cassette tapes and then the digital perfection of CDs, it was no surprise that vinyl sales dwindled. The discs were cumbersome, fragile and pretty heavy when it came time to move that collection from one place to another. Aficionados clung to these discs as everyone else moved into the digital age, claiming they could hear a distinct benefit over the cold, computer-generated CD sound. This vague concept of “warmth,” it turns out has a lot more to do with the rushed production of early CDs, which were often shoddy copies of existing vinyl records or tapes.

CDs were getting better when digital music files came along and again sacrificed quality over convenience. New techniques and formats brought further improvements, but while the verdict remains open on the inherent quality of the competing mediums, the fact remains, vinyl has seen a resurgence in popularity, due in no small part to nostalgic musicians publishing new work in the format. It’s also incontrovertible that vinyl provides a full “experience” that clicking play on your computer just can’t match.

But records are still fragile behemoths and what’s more, they get dirty. This video not only shows off a surprising method for getting your records spotless, it even lets you listen to the incredible difference cleaning your albums can make.


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