When His Daughter Is Embarrassed By Her Cochlear Implants, Dad Has The Sweetest Solution

When Alistair Campbell’s two children were born with hearing impairments, he wasn’t surprised. It’s largely genetic and hearing loss had run on the maternal side of his wife’s family and although she and her brother both wear hearing aids, Campbell’s 4-year-old girl, Charlotte, was stressed about her cochlear implant. So what did this amazing dad do?

To help her feel better and show his solidarity, he tattooed his own cochlear implant onto his head!

Cochlear Implants 1

Charlotte is now 6-years-old and has received her second implant two years after her first.

Cochlear Implants 2

Alistair’s tattoo is on his head, so now, two years after getting it, it’s largely hidden by his hair.

Cochlear Implants 3


Cochlear Implants 4

He said, “[I did it for] my love for her, really. Hey, my hair can grow back. [The tattoo procedure was] a little bit of pain but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

Cochlear Implants 5

Inspired by Campbell, another Dad got the same tattoo in solidarity with his daughter’s cochlear implant. 

Cochlear Implants 6


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