This Cool New Game Sounds Like Something Your Mom Won’t Want You To Try…

There’s a new team sport on the rise in America and now, apparently, around the world. Archery tag is, as you might expect, a game of tag played by two teams, armed with bows and arrows. That might sound crazy, but it’s actually been designed to be safer (and less painful!) than paintball, a sport with a similar playstyle. Using lightweight bows that are much easier to draw than traditional hunting or target-shooting bows, players fire arrows with large, padded foam heads. They fly straight like a real arrow, but the only safety equipment anyone needs is a facemask. Where these archery tag fields have opened, they’ve proven very popular with all ages, and especially with those work outings, that might otherwise have been spent bowling or golfing.

As you watch this video from an Australian outfit, you can get a sense of just how fun this is. With over 100 locations in America, and quite a few throughout the globe, this might just be the next goofy sports craze, following a long line of fun-but-fleeting sports. Who remembers Whirlyball? Will archery tag have more staying power? Only time will tell.


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