Road Was Impressively Transformed Into A Tunnel That Connects Denmark And Sweden

This is the Øresund, an ingenious feat of engineering that connects Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to Malmo, a city in Sweden.

connecting road 1

This is a bridge that transitions to a tunnel, taking travelers from Denmark to Sweden underwater.

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The bridge is 5 miles long, and leads to a manmade island that turns into a tunnel.

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 COWI, a Danish engineering firm designed this impressive structure. The team was lead by architect George K.S. Rotne.

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The bridge and tunnel are operated by both countries, and there is a toll required to use them.

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The manmade island that links the bridge to the tunnel is called Peberholm, and was  made from material taken up from the seabed beneath.

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Plants and animals are allowed to live freely on the island which made it a hotspot for biologists.  They have identified over 500 different types of plants that now call the island their home and it has also become the habitat of a rare toad.

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You can see the toll stations and the railway, which also operates on the structure.

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The pylons were the only pieces of the bridge to be constructed where it stands and the rest was built on land and placed by floating cranes.

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The bridge spans across the Flinte Channel, and holds cars on the upper level and the railway beneath. The two pilons, which are 670 feet tall, support the bridge.

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Since its opening, on July 1, 2000, this award-winning structure has provided 3.7 million residents with a route that allows them to work on either side.

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The journey between Copenhagen and Malmo takes just over 30 minutes.  Over 65 percent of the people who use this route travel by train.

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This structure is proof of amazing things that can happen when a practical need meets a creative solution.

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