Haunting Wreckage Photos Of The Costa Concordia Ship That Sank In 2013

Sailing the high seas was, at one time, the only way people could travel the world. People took their lives into their own hands when they set sail, hoping the conditions would make for a safe passage. However, setting sail on a boat today is usually considered safe.

A few years ago, thousands of vacationers and adventurers set sail for what was supposed to be a truly luxurious experience. Everything was going fine until one command from their captain changed everything…

In 2013 the Costa Concordia left its port in the Italian town of Civitavecchia. Everything seemed normal, but the 4,200 passengers and crew were headed for disaster. The ship sank and no one saw it again… until now.

costa concordia photos 1

This beautiful theater was supposed to fill their journey with entertainment.
costa concordia photos 2

Somehow, the artwork in the grand halls was miraculously unharmed by the water.
costa concordia photos 3

In the wreckage of the command room, you can imagine the engineers fighting with the captain about the boat’s increasingly dangerous speeds.
costa concordia photos 4

This room looks like it’s been burglarized, but it really shows how violent and chaotic the wreck was.
costa concordia photos 5

The surviving passengers said it was like a scene from Titanic. They drank and played in this casino hours before the deadly disaster.
costa concordia photos 6

This lower deck room hasn’t seen sunlight in years.
costa concordia photos 7

The crew used to work in these halls, but look at them now.
costa concordia photos 8

Many of these beds were never even slept in, since the disaster happened so quickly.
costa concordia photos 9

Bags still litter the hallways, along with the memories of those who survived this event, and those who were lost.
costa concordia photos 10

The photos from this disaster are every bit as haunting as the photos we’ve seen of the Titanic’s wreckage.


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