Couple Sets Up A Yard Sale After Their Baby Dies. Then An Officer Arrives And Brings Mom To Tears…

Samantha and her husband have experienced their fair share of heartbreak. A few years ago, the couple was expecting a baby. They purchased everything they were going to need and even prepped a nursery for the arrival of their son.

Unfortunately, everything changed when Samantha went into labor. Their baby didn’t survive, and the soon-to-be parents were left with an empty nursery and hearts full of grief. They stored the crib in the attic and tried to move on, but thoughts of their child kept returning. Nothing made sense. Why would they be given the gift of a child only to have him pass away? It wasn’t until years later that the answer to this question would become clear.

Last week, while setting up for a yard sale, Samantha and her husband were approached by two police officers. At first, they were worried that they would be fined for lacking the proper permits, but these two officers had something more important on their minds. What happened next would change their lives forever …


couple donates crib family in need

This was submitted by Samantha Hudgens Swaney. Thanks for sharing how our fine officers impact the community!

“On Saturday morning, my husband and I and our friend Toni were setting up for a garage sale – it was about 7:45 am and a City of Conyers policeman pulled up – my first thought was that I needed to find my permit.  He smiled and said that he was actually stopping to see if we happened to be selling a baby crib. He shared that he had just responded to a family in need and he saw that their most immediate need was a crib for their tiny three-month-old. He and his partner were willing to buy one and just stopped by when they saw us putting out a bunch of furniture for sale.

couple donates crib family in need

It might have seemed random to him, but I fully believe he was being led by The Lord. What he couldn’t have known is that we had a brand new, never-been-used crib in our attic. Several years ago we lost our baby during labor, and I haven’t been able to part with the crib. There was not a second’s hesitation – we gave him the crib and mattress. He and my husband went into the attic to bring it down.

Those two gentlemen did so much more than they knew on Saturday, April 10. They rushed to the aid of someone in our community, saved the life of a little baby, and helped her parents. And they gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life. I praise God for those two– I am so grateful for servants like them in our community. They weren’t looking for praise, they were responding to a need. They could’ve just gone home from work and hugged their families and forgotten about it, but that wasn’t enough for them.

couple donates crib family in need

There’s so much more to the story on their part, but I don’t know how much to share – their names were Hutchinson and Searcy (please tell me y’all call them Searcy and Hutch!!) and Don, Toni, and I are major fans! We have the greatest town and such fantastic officers!”