10 Things Creative People Do A Bit Differently Than Everyone Else

Creative people are different1

Here are a few few of the traits creative people tend to exhibit.  They’re outside-the-box thinkers for sure!

1. Creative types often have their head in the clouds

At a busy party, where everyone is talking and having fun, you will find them huddled up in a corner, always writing, drawing, pondering. At school, creative children are prone to daydreaming during the lessons, with teachers throwing their hands up in despair yet again. It’s those frequent moments when they turn inward, forgetting about anything and everything, that brilliant ideas are born in creatives’ heads.

2. They are keen observers who are pretty good at analyzing their surroundings

For them, anything can serve as a source of inspiration: landscapes, architecture, items of clothing or decoration. Building on the littlest things, these people will create a masterpiece, turn a single word into a story.

3. There is no daily regimen
Wake up at 7 a.m., eat lunch at noon, have an afternoon snack at 4 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., retire to bed at 10 p.m., repeat — this is definitely not the way of creative people. They will work when they feel like it, eat if they have a chance (or absentmindedly skip the meal altogether), and sleep where and when weariness takes its toll, even if it means spending the night at a desk.

4. They love solitude

A lot of people are afraid of loneliness, but not those who have a full set of creative bones in their body. For them loneliness is a way to hide from the aggression of the world, from the formalities that prevail in society. Left on their own, knowing that nobody will disturb them or chase away their muse, creative people can safely enjoy themselves.

5. They are constantly looking to try something new

Routine? Never heard of it. Faced with the concept, creative person will just stare at you in total confusion till you go away, thanks. Comfortable rhythm of a monotonous life, the circle of work — home — sleep, is the worst thing that can happen to them. They crave adrenaline, new emotions, more or less constant motion.

6. They do not shy away from risks

To come up with something new, sometimes you need to do unexpected things, even if it means putting everything on the line. At work or in personal life, without daring, you can’t create anything unusual.

7. For them, failures and mistakes are highly motivating

Life as we know it is metaphorically painted with black and white stripes. After each incredible success a spectacular failure may follow. No inventive genius or artist is impervious to doubts and occasional slip-ups. But while others leave things half-way after not seeing any satisfactory results, creative individuals don’t give up that easily. Of course, persistence is not unique to non-standard thinkers, but for them it’s especially important.

8. They do stuff that inspires them

The most important thing for creative people is to do something that gives them real pleasure. Keep your awards and notoriety. Don’t even try to bludgeon them into labor. Freedom to create and advance their work is where their true happiness lies.

9. Creative individuals often put themselves in others’ shoes

Because what’s more interesting than experiencing someone else’s philosophy, seeing the world from a new perspective. Adopting others’ way of thinking, even for a brief moment, is a great instrument of self-development which improves your empathy.

10. They notice everything

These people have the ability to put pieces together. They see what others don’t and use those observations to understand the essence of the world around.

Without people like that our world would be a dull, dreary place. Creative individuals encourage our development, they change us for the better. To say that they are 100% different from the «non-creative» types would be wrong — they just have a deep desire to create something new. As for trying to be original and to invent the uninvented — well, this we highly recommend for everyone.

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