Aspiring Model Father Posts Exquisite Photos Of Him And His Daughter

Benny Harlem is an aspiring model and singer-songwriter, but his most important job is being a father to his 6-year-old daughter, Jaxyn.

dad daughter photos 1

This father and daughter share more than a incredible bond: they also share impressive matching hairdos!

dad daughter photos 2

From the beginning, Benny wanted to show his little girl the importance of having confidence and embracing her heritage.

dad daughter photos 3

“She’s a beautiful girl who’s gonna be a pretty woman,” he says “But I teach her to love herself first.”

dad daughter photos 4

It’s obvious from these stunning photos that the confidence Benny instills in young Jaxyn is working: even at such a young age, she’s clearly comfortable in her own skin.

dad daughter photos 5

Benny plans to keep the close relationship with his daughter for as long as he can, saying that “fatherhood is a miracle and an honor.”

dad daughter photos 6

He continues: “I am my daughter’s keeper. The only way for me to protect her for life is to prepare her for life.”

dad daughter photos 7

“What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life.”

dad daughter photos 8

With Benny by her side, I have no doubt that Jaxyn will grow into a strong, confident woman who is capable of amazing things!


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