These Survivors Of Dad Jokes Look Serious, But By The End You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing…

Dad jokes, the “so bad it’s good” art form handed down from generation to generation by fathers across the world. These are the harmless, cheesy, classics poured out as a gift from dear old Dad during dinners and road trips throughout your childhood.

“Hey son, is the refrigerator running? Well you better go catch it.”

“There was a mom tomato on a walk with her baby tomato. When the baby tomato started to fall behind, the mom tomato walked back to the baby tomato, squished it, and said ‘now ketchup.'”

Today we hear the other side of dad jokes, the children’s side. This video from Nickelodeon Australia features interviews with the survivors of cheesy dad jokes. Their harrowing stories of gags gone awry will make you appreciate all the great jokes your dad taught you, and maybe bring back memories of the truly bad ones. Share it with your dad today.


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