Her Step Kids Told Her Over And Over She Was Not Their Real Mom, Until This Happened…

I am often told what beautiful children I have. Many people even comment that they look like me. Pamela, my daughter, I am told has my blue eyes; my son James has my red hair. The truth of the matter is Pamela has her father’s eyes, and James, well, his hair color was inherited from his mother—his biological mother. James and Pamela are my husband’s children, and I am their stepmother.

Shortly after I met my husband, Carl, his children came for a visit. The visit was to last for two weeks, and then the children would return to their mother. When the two weeks came to an end, their mother called to say she had a job working in a resort community. She would be living in a room provided by the hotel where she worked. The children would have to stay with us until the end of the summer.

But by the end of summer the children’s mother had joined the military, and again, they could not live with her. The military does not accept single parents who do not have somebody living with them to care for their children.

Although their mother’s military career did not last through basic training, for a variety of reasons, she never returned for them. Carl and I realized the children were going to stay with us, permanently. I can’t say I was thrilled by this realization. I had not wanted children of my own, and raising someone else’s children did not appeal to me.

The kids weren’t crazy about the idea either. Months earlier, when they had first arrived for heir visit, I had been quickly made aware of their feelings towards me. “You’re not my mommy! I want my mommy!” They had often shouted at me. After a couple of weeks or so of this, I grew to hate the word “mommy.”

Then, one day everything changed.

James, who was three years old at the time, had been in the middle of one of his “mommy tantrums” when he suddenly stopped screaming and looked up at me. His face was filled with terror and sadness. “I don’t have a mommy no more,” he calmly told me.

“James, you do have a mommy;” I told him. He didn’t believe me, looking at me as if I was crazy.