How To Make Your Own Designer Glass Plates That Fit Your Unique Style

Dinnerware should be as plain and basic as they can get, but for some people, the color and design on their plates and bowls matter a whole lot, especially when serving dinner guests. If you’re one of these people,  then you’ll love Lois’ DIY project here. Lois, from the blog PineRidge Hills, has come up with a way to make your own designer plates using dollar-store plates and cheap fabric. 

To get started, purchase plates from the local dollar store, and cotton fabric for less than a dollar each. Then get yourself some Modge Podge, and all in all, it will end up costing you just under $4.

Designer Glass Plates 2

Her fabric was 100% cotton, and cost 97 cents each.

Designer Glass Plates 1

First, she applied a generous coat of Modge Podge to the backside of the plate. The mixture dries quickly, so it is important to have the fabric ready to go. Right after the application of Modge Podge, she immediately laid the fabric on top (with the top of the fabric sticking to the plate).

Designer Glass Plates 3

Using a small spatula, she smoothed the fabric into place. Then, on went another application of Modge Podge on top of the fabric.

Designer Glass Plates 4

She repeated the steps for all four plates. She placed each plate on top of a jar and let it sit to dry overnight.

Designer Glass Plates 5

The next day, once they had completely dried, she cut off the excess fabric around the plates.

Designer Glass Plates 6

They look just like the expensive designer plates you would find in stores!

Designer Glass Plates 7

To finish them off, she coated her plates with Krylon’s Make It Last! clear sealer. Lois has washed her plates with no problems.

Designer Glass Plates 8

She even used some of the extra fabric to make matching napkin rings. What a perfect dinner set! For more information on her DIY designer plates.

Designer Glass Plates 9

Lois had gotten the idea for this project when she saw Susan’s DIY designer plates on her blog, Between Naps on the Porch. Susan, in turn, had been inspired by her friend’s Pottery Barn clock plates during a New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Designer Glass Plates 10

Susan liked the plates enough to try to buy them. They were no longer available at Pottery Barn, and they were selling for more than $200 on eBay. So, she decided to make her own.

Designer Glass Plates 11

For the full details of Susan’s DIY vintage clock plates.

Designer Glass Plates 12


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