Beautiful Cat’s Disease Caused Her Eyes To Change Color


Meet Aloş, possibly the most gorgeous Turkish Van Cat (or Van kedisi) to ever walk the Earth. Fluffy and entirely snowy white, he is incredibly beautiful.

Differently Colored Eyes cat 1

But his best feature? His breathtaking differently-colored eyes, one brilliantly blue and the other vibrantly green.

Differently Colored Eyes cat 2

Known as odd-eyed cats, kitties with this special coloring have a condition called heterochromia. Heterochromia occurs mostly frequently in white-colored cats, where the dominant white gene prevents melanin from reaching one eye.

Differently Colored Eyes cat 3

Although Aloş looks like one of a kind, Van kedisi actually are a naturally occurring type of cat, not to be confused with the Turkish Van breed which has been selectively bred. The gorgeous all-white kitties, found in the Lake Van region of eastern Turkey, are on the decline, though, and breeding programs have been implemented in the area. They aren’t all odd-eyed, though, and many have blue or amber eyes.

Differently Colored Eyes cat 4

Van cats’ eyes are well known for their almond shape, as well as their tendency to be mismatched. They are also called “the swimming cat” because of their love of swimming in Lake Van, Turkey’s largest lake. “Apart from their great capacity for affection and alert intelligence, their outstanding characteristic is their liking for water, not normally regarded as a feline attribute. They not only dabble in water and play with it, but have been known to enter ponds and even horse-troughs for a swim,” explains cat breeder Laura Lushington.

Differently Colored Eyes cat 5


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