Everyone’s Favorite Dancing Scene From 28 Years Ago

The cult classic Dirty Dancing premiered in theaters  years ago. The movie was a global hit that amassed over $200 million dollars in gross revenue. It was also the first ever film to sell a million copies on video.  The lead actor Patrick Swayze even received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Did you know that this film was never supposed to be a hit movie? It’s been said that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey hated working with each other because of their previous experience in “Red Dawn.” To make matters worst, when Eleanor Bergstein, the writer and producer, refused to cut the movie’s abortion storyline, the film’s main sponsor, Clearasil, opted out of the movie. The studio began doubting the film’s commercial viability.

Despite all of these obstacles, the team got it together and the results were amazing!  The film won an Oscar and multiple Grammys for the music, making Dirty Dancing is one of the most popular films of our lifetime!

Watch and enjoy the final scene of Dirty Dancing in the video below. 


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