12 Things That Everyone Needs To Stop Doing In Store Fitting Rooms

When you’re shopping for clothes, it’s always ideal to step into the fitting room to ensure everything looks good before making the purchase. Whether you’re looking for the best outfit to wear during your first day on the job, or simply just looking to impress a prom date, fitting rooms are going to be a very important part of the shopping process. You don’t even need a reason to be purchasing a new outfit, because who doesn’t love new jeans every now and then? Regardless of the reason, you must ensure the fit is stellar through and through.

When you look at how often people are using fitting rooms, it’s a shock to know that many people are still doing things wrong. That’s right, there is a wrong way to use fitting rooms – and not just one, as a matter of fact. Fitting room etiquette is something that passes over many peoples’ heads, but it’s incredibly important; for not only you as the customer, but retailers themselves (and others, of course).

Take a look at 12 different change room trends that need to stop immediately, as well as be avoided at all costs. I know for a fact that I’ve done a few of these myself in the past, but some of them are absolutely disgusting! You’d never think stuff like that would happen in a fitting room, but it has, and a lot more often than you’d probably be lead to believe.

Do you think that we missed anything on this list? Let us know in the comments about some of the crazy fitting room stories you’ve heard!

1. Leave The Room A Mess
You should always take your garbage with you and toss it in a garbage can, the clerks are not your maids.

2. Toss The Clothes In A Heap
Hang the clothes back on the hanger,  just like you found them.  Not only is it easier for the clerks to clean up, but also for the next person who tries them on.

3. Try To Get The Perfect Selfie
If you’re thinking of taking selfies in the dressing room in that gorgeous dress, you had intend to buy it. People are also waiting to try on clothes, so don’t be rude.

4. Spread Your Workout Sweat

Be considerate of other people, never try on clothes after a workout or while your hygiene is not up to par.

5. Waltz In Five Minutes Before Closing

Employees have lives and would like to go home after their shifts are over.  Plan to arrive at the store long before they’re closing, not five minutes prior.

6. Stroll Around In Your Undergarments

Retail workers have commonly witnessed people coming out of the dressing rooms in just their bras and underwear!  Just ask for help, or wear the outfit you were trying on.

7. Skip The Hand Sanitizer
The dressing room can be loaded with germs and dust, so it’s a good idea to use your hand sanitizer, but wait until after you finish using the fitting room.

8. Try On A Bathing Suit Without Underwear
ALWAYS wear underwear during this fitting.

9. Come In Without Counting
You should always know how many items you have when you walk into the fitting room to speed up the process.

10. Pretend You Didn’t Get Makeup On The Garment
If you accidentally get makeup on the garment you are trying on, be kind and tell the employee so it can be cleaned before it gets returned to the rack.

11. Bring Your Partner In With You
When you are shopping with your partner of the opposite sex, leave them outside the fitting room area.  It’s inconsiderate to other shoppers in the dressing room who may not be fully dressed.

12. Use It For Personal Primping
The fitting room is not your personal place to put on makeup or style your hair. Do that at home.

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