One Super Fit Mom’s “Transformation” Makes Her More Empathetic to Others’ Weight Struggles

America is obsessed with image. Whether it’s your looks, your bank account, your car, or your spouse, all you have to do is watch any reality show to see that image is everything in our country right now.

But whenever one obsession exists, it’s counterpart invariably surfaces as well. And that means for everyone who brags about looking super-fit, they will get a massive backlash, as Maria Kang found out the hard way.

Kang posted a photo of herself on social media a few years back, looking ripped to the gills, surrounded by her three children, ages three, two, and 8 months old, with the message “No Excuses.” Her hope was to inspire other young mothers to get and stay in shape, but instead, she mostly got hate mail and cries that she was “fat shaming.”

Fast forward, and Kang appeared on the popular TV show “The Doctors” to say she has seen the light, claiming she’s gained weight herself in the years since she posted that impressive image. But if you were hoping to see a woman who’s obese, you would be sorely disappointed.

Saying that depression and having children who are now in school had affected her own eating habits, Kang has gained a whopping…wait for it…10 pounds.

She’s even posted a new bikini pool shot at her new “fat” weight, in which she still looks the envy of pretty much any woman on the planet. It’s almost like a humble brag self-slam, in that no one else would ever say she was anything but beautiful and in shape in her latest image. All that’s changed with the extra 10 pounds is that the ripped six-pack abs aren’t quite as defined.
What’s the moral of this story? Whether you are all for encouraging a fit and trim lifestyle, or prefer to celebrate a more zaftig and less weight-obsessed image, there’s something for everyone in America to relate to.

Even Kang now thinks so.

“. . . if we have some cellulite, extra weight, extra skin or extra scars – be proud, because we are constantly progressing, transforming and aging!” she said when interviewed recently by People Magazine.

And nobody can argue with that one.


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