Female Army Captain Collapses But Refuses To Give Up During Training

Given the fact that so many shows and movies portray joining the armed services as a “last resort” career option for young people, you’d think that just about anyone can join the armed services. While that’s not entirely wrong – the military does welcome anyone and everyone to join up – joining up is just half the battle.

The attrition rate for new recruits tends to be pretty high, particularly in more specialized branches of the armed forces. If you manage to survive basic training and become a full-fledged soldier, rising through the ranks is even more grueling. To earn elite status, you have to put your mind and body above and beyond what most people are capable of.

In this clip, we see U.S. Army Captain Sarah Cudd of Public Health Command in Fort Knox. She was one of 46 candidates to earn the coveted Expert Field Medical Badge, which is given to military medics who complete a set of brutally difficult written and physical tests. The last test is a 12-mile march while equipped with heavy fatigues, a large pack, and a rifle. Mere feet from the finish line, Cudd collapses from exhaustion. What her fellow soldiers do next is a typical example of what makes the men and women of the armed services so great.


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