If You Want To Have A Voluminous Ponytail, Here Are 8 Easy Tips You Will Want To Try

I’ve never been great with styling my hair. Well, it turns out that amping up my hair game isn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. With a few simple tricks and products, it can be fairly easy to take something as plain and boring as a ponytail to the next level. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to find out how you can add a bit more excitement to your next ponytail!

1. Clip Method

If you have one of these handy hair clips, you can give yourself a fuller ponytail in no time.

fix flat hair

2. The Phony Tail

This is a great trick for anyone who struggles with creating a thick ponytail. You simply make one ponytail inside another!

fix flat hair

3. Backcombing

This is a classic method that many stylists use to achieve a voluminous look. Before you try it, make sure you have the correct brush and know how to perform the technique properly. You can do serious damage to your hair if you don’t.

fix flat hair

4. Bobby Pins

This seems too good to be true! I am definitely trying this one A.S.A.P.

fix flat hair

5. Thin Hair

Your ability to style a full ponytail can depend solely on your hair type. If you have thinner locks, give this method a try.

fix flat hair

6. Curls

Another great way to create extra volume for any look is to bust out your curling iron!

fix flat hair

7. Half Up

If you still want a thick, full ponytail, but want to try something a bit different, why not go with this gorgeous half up look? Make sure you check out the video tutorial on how to create this style.

fix flat hair

8. Combo

This last option combines a number of the ideas I previously shared. It’s a mix of curls, bobby pins, and double ponytails that results in a perfect, voluminous look.


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