Campus Football Celebrity Joins Local Women’s Book Club

Malcolm Mitchell is a campus star at the University of Georgia as the wide receiver of its football team. Kathy Rackley is a middle-aged local woman who attends a monthly book club with her female friends. Despite having no idea who he was, Kathy was shocked when Malcolm asked to join her book club after bumping into each other at Barnes & Noble and connecting over similar reading interests.

Malcolm is local football royalty, yet now eagerly attends his monthly lady’s book club – the only man and younger than all the other attendees by an entire generation. Despite being called a “nerd” over his participation, Malcolm is proud, as his membership signifies the reading obstacles he’s overcome throughout college.
Today, he lists his proudest moment as finishing “The Hunger Games” series in 2 days. Why? Because although his football plays are legendary, they “came natural.” He had to work in order to read.


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