Funny Ad Features Two Of The Most Memorable Characters

A few years ago, Old Spice launched an incredibly effective marketing campaign featuring relatively unknown actor Isaiah Mustafa portraying the now-famous “Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Mustafa won America’s hearts portraying the ultra-suave Old Spice Guy who could seemingly do anything, all while still smelling great. Around the same time, the company also enlisted America’s favorite musclebound giant, actor Terry Crews (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “The Expendables” franchise, and many more), to market with an entirely different approach – pure testosterone and screaming intensity.

The two actors have met and bonded over the last few years, and their budding “bromance” has led to the moment that everyone was waiting – one commercial, two Old Spice guys and a whole lot of hilarity. The new campaign features both Crews and Mustafa in order to help customers link the advertised smells to each character – Mustafa’s “Timber” is more of a sophisticated, understated scent, while Crews’ “Bearglove” is much more assertive. Crews has dubbed it “the ‘Expendables’ of advertising” and a total of seven spots featuring both actors will be released through the fall.


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