This German Shepherd Had Lunch, But He Is Still Hungry. How He Asks For More Is Brilliant…

The German Shepherd has long been a popular breed. These pups are confident, courageous and smart, excelling at pretty much anything they’re asked to do. Need a pup to shovel your snow? Choose a German Shepherd. Want to train your pup as a housekeeper? The German Shepherd’s your dog. Looking for a dog to serenade you? This German Shepherd can even do that.

While this breed is intelligent by nature, they don’t always know what’s best for them. Begging for more food after scarfing down the first helping, for instance, isn’t the best nutrition plan. Just like with humans, a balanced diet is critical for a healthy pet. The average adult German Shepherd should be fed about two cups of dry dog food two times a day, although it varies by weight.


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