This Girl Takes Selfies With Her Boyfriend. How Her Parents React Took Me By Surprise…

Emily Musson and her boyfriend love a good selfie pic.

girl takes selfies 1

I mean, who doesn’t, right?

And though it doesn’t seem like their pictures get too much selfie love, they keep them coming.

girl takes selfies 2

Their excessive selfie taking eventually caught the attention of Emily’s parents.

girl takes selfies 3

Like, how could it not?

Emily’s parents “loved” these selfies so much that they decided to recreate them.

girl takes selfies 4


Emily posted her parent’s selfie to Twitter. It’s now been retweeted over 41,000 times, much to her amazement.

girl takes selfies 5

And that’s how you take a selfie.

girl takes selfies 6(Source)

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