After A Seven-Year Relationship, She Asks Him Why He Cheated. His Response Had Me In Tears…

When you get into a relationship, you trust that the person you are with will take care of you and you will take care of them. You trust that when you give them your heart, they will hold it in the space next to their own and it won’t move. But then something happens. And you feel a shift in your own chest as the heart they promised to keep safe is pushed slightly from their own. When you are that close to someone, you will know when something is not right and you will know when your trust begins to dwindle or burn completely.

Ali and Andrew were together for seven years and broke up two years ago. Now, they are sitting down to ask the questions that used to run through their heads and finally get the answers to them. When someone cheats on you, I don’t think you ever really get over it. Ali says it still sucks, knowing what he did all those years ago, but they are hoping they will find some true closure.

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