12-Year-Old Girl’s “America’s Got Talent” Audition Gives Everyone Goosebumps

Grace VanderWaal has a voice that gave the audience of America’s Got Talent goosebumps.  Her personality lights up the room! She was prepared with a song she wrote all by herself and her trusty ukulele, this 12-year-old upcoming star is ready to give it her all under the limelight.
Grace VanderWaal AGT 1
With her angelic voice, catchy words and skilled strumming, she captivates the entire crowd as well as the judges! The second Grace is done singing, the auditorium erupts into applause – they love her! They’re not the only ones, Howie Mandel also realized just how special she was the very moment stepped onto the stage. So the gregarious TV personality slammed his hand down on the golden buzzer as soon as he got the chance!
Grace VanderWaal AGT 2


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