Her Grandchildren Don’t Want Her To Cut Her Hair. But Then She Said This…

For anyone who has or has ever had long hair, you’ll easily agree that it’s quite the double-edged sword. While long hair certainly looks beautiful, it takes a lot of energy just to keep everything under control, and on those hot days in summer it can certainly make anyone want to buzz it all off!

So when one amazing grandmother decided that she wanted to make a big change, her grandkids were a bit wary when she told them what she wanted them to do.

Her hair is certainly beautiful, but for this proud woman she’s decided that she wants to “lose a few pounds” and cut off a good portion of her long flowing hair — she wants the grandbabies to be the ones to help her out.

It’s hard to watch so much beautiful hair getting lopped off, but when grandma says why, it really makes it all a lot easier to watch. In an incredible move of generosity, this amazing woman plans on donating her beautiful hair to Locks of Love in order to give children fighting cancer a chance to look at themselves in the mirror with a cool hairstyle!

And to make matters even better, apparently grandma’s hair grows really fast, so she’ll probably be back to that length in less than five years or so!


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