Guy Travels The World And Sends His Mom The Best Messages

You’re probably all familiar with those days when you just want to drop everything and travel the world… Well, a former model from Brussels named Jonathan Quiñonez actually had the courage to do so! He simply quit his job and started his journey around the world…

Wondering how his mom reacted? Because, let’s face it, all moms are overprotective and worry a lot. Luckily Jonathan knew what to do! To assure his mom that he is fine, he is documenting his journeys on Instagram, saying ‘Mom I’m Fine’ in every pic. In an interview with Bored Panda , when asked about his mom he said: “She is still worried, like every mother. But in the end, she is happy because she knows I’m having the time of my life”. Check out part of his journey below.

Jonathan quit his job to travel the world

guy travels world 1

But he didn’t forget to assure his mom that he’s fine

guy travels world 2

He documents his journey on Instagram saying ‘Mom I’m Fine’ in every pic

guy travels world 3

When Bored Panda asked what inspired him, he said…

guy travels world 4

“It isn’t just one thing that made me do that…”

guy travels world 5

“I always wanted to do it but every time, I was trying to convince myself that i couldn’t with sentences like…”

guy travels world 6

“what about your jobs or your car or your cat?” Etc etc. But these are just pretexts…”

guy travels world 7

“In the end, when you really want something, you go for it or at least try…”

guy travels world 8

“It just depends how bad you want it”

guy travels world 9

Sounds inspiring, huh?

guy travels world 10

Wait till you hear his recommendation to those who want to do the same…

guy travels world 11

“Do it” – Jonathan said to Bored Panda

guy travels world 12

“Everybody loves to travel, you just have to dare to do it…”

guy travels world 13

“With my message, I’m trying to show that the world is a beautiful place…”

guy travels world 14

“I don’t think we are born to pay taxes or stay in front of a television…”

guy travels world 15

“I understand that people have responsibilities so I’m talking to the ones that are saying they can’t, but deep down they know they are just convincing themselves…”

guy travels world 16

“Do it”

guy travels world 17


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