Two Friends Bought This Birthday Card In 1970 And Have Traded It Back And Forth For Nearly 47 Years

Everybody likes to receive birthday cards. But Bill and Steve are doing their own little bit to save the environment because they’ve been exchanging the same birthday card for the last 47 years.

The proof was recently uploaded to Reddit by user LincolnsLostSpeech who revealed that the card belonged to their fiance’s uncle and cousin. It was bought way back in 1970 for a paltry 25 cents and they’ve shared it every birthday since (that’s 94 times!). They’ve also now shared it with at least 750,000 other people who have viewed it online since the card was uploaded.

They bought it back in 1970 and exchanged it every birthday since

guys exchanging birthday card 1

The card cost only 25 cents and was exchanged 94 times

guys exchanging birthday card 2


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