15 Helpful Hints For Expectant Parents

When two people are expecting a baby, they read tons of specialised literature on how to raise their little one, and to teach their precious angel everything they know about life. However, the moment these two naive people welcome an infant into their lives, they suddenly realize that it’s not them but their newborn who will teach them a few new things.

We collected some of these facts in order for you to be prepared, or if you’re already a parent, just to put smile on your face.

1. Be careful when using that expression, ’to sleep like a baby’. Sometimes it seems like newborns try to prove that they can go without sleep for days!
become a happy parent’C’mon, Mom and Dad, you don’t need to sleep, do you?’

2. After you’ve had a baby, you’ll learn that good sleep is way cooler than sex.
become a happy parent

3. Leave them for a couple of minutes on their own, and your apartment will never be the same again.
become a happy parent

4. It’s really not that big a deal if you lose your cell phone, or even all of your money…You know nothing about loss…and by the way, have you ever lost a pacifier?
become a happy parent

5. Sweet friendly people suddenly turn into ready-to-kill monsters when someone is knocking on the door while their angel is having a nap.
become a happy parent’What do you want from us?! We’ve been trying to put her to sleep for hours!’

6. Did you once believe that a landing on Mars would be huge for the whole of humanity? Oh, please. From now on the most anticipated event for you and your universe is this little guy’s first step.
become a happy parent

7. You know every single thing about diapers. Actually, you could even give lectures or teach a class on how to choose and change diapers with superhuman speed.
become a happy parent’I’m a trained professional!’

8. You seriously don’t know where all those toys came from.
become a happy parent

9. You’ll give them literally everything in order to stop them crying.
become a happy parent

10. Even if you’re planning a 30-minute walk, you’ll end up packing numerous bags full of baby stuff.
become a happy parent’I’ll need some diapers, baby food, water, juice, napkins, toys…What!? The store has already closed?’

11. In just a year and a half your 6 lbs. of love will become 24 lbs. of happiness.
become a happy parent

12. They copy everything you do or say. Literally, EVERYTHING!
become a happy parentSo you’ll have to forget some bad words and work on your vocabulary and behavior in general.

13. Consider yourself an educated adult and broad-minded person? Yeah, wait until your kid asks you questions that will make you scratch your head.
become a happy parent

14. Funny videos of babies used to just make you smile, but now videos like this make you go ’Aww!’ and hit the replay several times.

15. Your child soon becomes the boss of the house and you live according to his or her schedule.
become a happy parent’Mom, get me some milk, please!’


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