When He Wrote This Song, He Didn’t Ever Expect To Hear It This Way. Her Performance Of It Leaves Him In Tears.

It’s arguably the greatest rock song of all time. It’s certainly one of the best-known, and most-covered. Everyone from Dolly Parton to some industrious music box craftsmen have given it a go. In fact, the song has sold more copies of sheet music than any other in history. The tune is so ubiquitous that at one point, co-writer Robert Plant actually paid a radio station $10,000 to never play it again.

He seems to have come around by the time the Kennedy Center chose to honor him in 2012. Or in the very least, hearing the song in a new voice as sung by the greatest female rock band of all time, accompanied by his late bandmate John Bonham’s son, was enough to melt his heart.


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